IUI vs. IVF: Which Is Right for Me?

Congratulations on deciding to undergo fertility treatment! You’ve made a wise choice, as these techniques have been found to be safe, simple, and effective. With the help of your reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor), you will soon decide which form of fertility care is best for you and your unique case. Two of the most popular […]

Three Resources for Funding IVF

When first exploring in vitro fertilization (IVF), some of the first questions that aspiring parents have are about costs and whether or not their insurance will provide any coverage. Here’s what to consider when exploring your insurance coverage for IVF. Understanding IVF Costs IVF is one of the most popular, effective forms of fertility care […]

Meet Carrie, our Manager of Patient Experience

You would think that after 16 years of telling my story so many times, I would have it memorized, but truth is I do not.  I am certain that my subconscious has pushed so many of those memories away in order to somehow convince myself that I am okay, and past it all.  One of […]