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Peace of Mind With Shared Risk IVF

Bundl is the way to finance fertility treatments without the overwhelming financial burden that typically comes with the fertility journey. 

We developed our industry-first IVF risk protection programs Success Guard† and Bundl Guard‡ to accompany our IVF package deals. A shared risk IVF provides lower financial stress, greater peace of mind, and a better opportunity to build the family you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Shared Risk IVF Over an IVF Guarantee Program?

IVF can be expensive and financial stress is a common experience for those going through fertility treatments. However, a shared risk IVF plan like Success Guard† or Bundl Guard‡ alleviates that stress and allows you to focus on the real goal: building your family.

Some IVF money back guarantee programs have stringent criteria, making it difficult for you to get your money back or even participate, but Bundl’s industry-first risk protection plans offer a different way.

How Bundl’s IVF Risk Protection Plans Work

Our 1+1 Package includes our risk protection plan Success Guard†. With Success Guard†, Bundl will refund 100% of your IVF investment if you are successful with your IUI treatment first. 

Another one of our IVF discount programs offers our risk protection plan, Bundl Guard‡. Bundl Guard‡ is an optional plan that can be added to our IVF package deals. These IVF package deals include our 2 or 3 retrieval packages. 

With the Bundl Guard‡ protection, if you are not successful with your IVF treatments, you will be refunded 100% of your principal investment.

Bundl Makes Affording Fertility Care Easier

We’ve found that bundling services through IVF package deals significantly reduces the overall cost of fertility treatment. And we believe you should only have to pay when your treatments are successful.

With Success Guard† and Bundle Guard‡, we take on more of the risk, so you can focus on growing your family. 

Bundl is here to make fertility care affordable. 

Book an appointment with one of our patient care experts to talk about how Bundl can help you finance your fertility journey.


† Subject to additional terms and conditions. 

‡ Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.