About Bundl Fertility

About Bundl Fertility

We founded Bundl to make fertility treatments more accessible and flexible for patients and families. Every team member, from founder to staff, has been on their own fertility journey, and we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll it can take. Bundl is the result of our combined personal experiences and expert knowledge—we didn’t see the program we needed out there, so we created it ourselves.

Bundl seeks to help you navigate the financial aspect of fertility care with less stress and more control, so you can concentrate on building your family. By empowering you with more financial freedom and custom options, our packages increase your chances for success and let you choose the best path for your needs.

Our Team

Carrie Van Steen
Manager of Patient Experience

Carrie is responsible for speaking with hundreds of patients each week who are faced with having to pay for IVF because they have little or no insurance coverage. She counsels them on ways to make smarter financial decisions that will also give them the best chance for success.

Cheryl Campbell
Manager of Operations

Cheryl is responsible for the ongoing management of patients after they have advised they want to move forward with Bundl. Likewise, Cheryl works closely with our network to make sure they know which patients are enrolled and for paying the practices for the services that have been performed.

Travis Lairson

Travis delivers development and direction for our portfolio of customer-facing service products and solutions. He provides leadership for our team and our network of fertility practices.


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