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Three Resources for Funding IVF

When first exploring in vitro fertilization (IVF), some of the first questions that aspiring parents have are about costs and whether or not their insurance will provide any coverage. Here’s what to consider when exploring your insurance coverage for IVF.

Understanding IVF Costs

IVF is one of the most popular, effective forms of fertility care available, thanks to its high success rates. As an advanced form of assisted reproduction, it involves multiple tests, medications, and procedures. IVF costs without insurance typically range between $12,000 to $15,000. Before embarking on your IVF journey, here are three resources to consider for funding your treatment.

1. Insurance Coverage for Fertility Care

Insurance coverage for fertility treatments like IVF is primarily dependent on what state you live in or what your employer’s benefits package includes. Insurance laws for IVF are mandated at the state level, with some states requiring insurance providers to offer fertility care coverage and others offering none. In some cases, there may be limitations to the amount that will be covered or the number of IVF cycles.

If you are wondering if you have insurance that covers IVF, your first step should be to check with your state’s insurance coverage laws. Also, if you receive your insurance coverage from your employer, check in with your human resources representative or insurance provider about fertility benefits. In some cases, your employer may offer some insurance coverage for fertility care even if you live in a state that doesn’t require it.

2. Bundl’s Multicycle IVF Packages

One thing that aspiring families don’t always realize when financially planning their fertility journey is that they may need more than one IVF cycle. Bundl offers a unique program that combines multiple IVF cycles into a single package for one up-front cost. These plans come with guaranteed risk protection, which protects your investment by offering full or partial refunds so you can minimize financial burden and focus on building a family. Learn more about Bundl Multicycle Packages.

3. Fertility Loans

Loans for IVF, such as those that can be purchased through Future Family, a national platform for family-building with flexible financial plans and concierge support services, can be immensely helpful in taking the stress out of fertility financing. Future Family offers smart, simple plans that feature competitive low-interest rates, exclusive discounts on labwork and medications, no penalties for prepayment, and support from fertility experts. Learn more about Future Family IVF plans.

Understand Your Options for Affording Fertility Care

There are many ways to make your path to parenthood more financially manageable. For more financial advice about IVF costs, connect with a Bundl expert today.

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