IVF treatment loan


Our Premier Partner
for Your IVF Treatment Loan

Our Premier Partner for Your IVF Treatment Loan

Bundl understands the financial challenges that the cost of fertility treatments may present to families—especially if they need multiple cycles to achieve success. We built Bundl as a solution to the challenges we faced in our own fertility journeys, and cost can be a significant hurdle, especially when most people require more than one treatment to achieve pregnancy.

Financing an IVF treatment loan

We’re committed to providing our patients with preferred access to flexible, affordable, and transparent financing options to help make your parenthood goals a reality. Thanks to our partnership with ONE AMERICAN BANK, our preferred payments partner in health and wellness, Bundl is proud to offer preferred access to tailored fertility financing solutions designed to unburden the emotional and financial stress of affording parenthood.

ONE AMERICAN BANK is Bundl’s preferred payments partner and specializes in helping our patients find financing solutions that make it easier to pay for Bundl’s fertility treatment plans. ONE AMERICAN BANK has engaged One American Bank, an innovative bank lender, that developed a loan program to help meet the financing needs of Bundl patients.

Program benefits

  • Competitive IVF treatment loan options with a streamlined application process specifically tailored to Bundl patients
  • Quick and easy loan application provided online and supported on any mobile device
  • Fast responses and friendly customer support. ONE AMERICAN BANK is committed to keeping you fully informed at every turn
  • Qualified applicants may be offered loans within an introductory, interest-only 12-month period

For further information on the application process, rates, terms, and conditions, contact One American Bank at 1-855-848-3015.

A leading payment solutions provider for the health and wellness space

ONE AMERICAN BANK creates customizable payment solutions for leading health and wellness companies. Our tailored digital experiences, white-glove service, and access to flexible payment options enable people to pay for the services they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. ONE AMERICAN BANK’s team is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and has decades of experience in consumer payments and finance. For more information, please contact [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you need my credit score?

Your loan application will be with ONE AMERICAN BANK and you will approve all credit checks in advance as part of the loan application process. For more information, please call ONE AMERICAN BANK at 1-855-848-3015.

What types of rates and terms are available?
Interested borrowers may apply for competitive loan options and terms tailored specifically for Bundl patients. Contact ONE AMERICAN BANK at 1-855-848-3015 for detailed information regarding rates, terms, and conditions.

Will the funds be sent to me or directly to Bundl?
If approved for a loan, you will have the option to receive loan funds directly or direct the funds to Bundl to pay for the cost of your treatment.

Disclaimer: ONE AMERICAN BANK is a South Dakota-chartered bank, Member FDIC. This site is directed at, and made available to, persons in the United States. There are some states we do not serve.


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