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Finding Your Ideal Egg Donor

At Bundl®, our mission is to make fertility treatments more financially accessible through customizable packages — and to recognize that some individuals or couples need additional support on their journeys. That’s why we’re partnered with MyEggBank®, the premier network of donor egg banks in North America.

A unique partnership to help aspiring parents

MyEggBank® has the largest and the most diverse donor database in the country. This distinction, combined with their innovative technologies and exceptional doctors, has helped thousands of individuals and couples achieve their family-building goals. As an innovator in reproductive care, MyEggBank empowers and guides each family in their search for the ideal egg donor. You can expect:

  • An easy-to-navigate donor database
  • A racially and ethnically diverse pool of donors, each rigorously screened
  • A straightforward purchasing and shipping process

While Bundl will work with the egg or donor bank of your choice, we have developed a specially priced add-on with MyEggBank. Contact us to learn more about pricing.

Finding the best fit for your family

Just as Bundl works with each individual or couple on their specific needs, MyEggBank also supports your unique journey. Get started today.