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Financial Options for Fertility in Maryland

Learn About Fertility Financing, Multi-Cycle IVF Plans, and Refund Programs in Columbia, Rockville, and Throughout Maryland

Aspiring parents in Maryland searching for affordable fertility care have long run into difficulties. At Bundl, we understand your concerns, and through our strong partnerships with local fertility clinics, we can provide patients with multi-cycle plans, financing solutions, and flexible pricing models. With the help of our packages, you’re free to focus on growing your family without worrying endlessly about the financial aspect of fertility care.

What Is the Real Cost of IVF in Maryland?

Since its inception, IVF has risen in popularity and is now the most common and effective fertility treatment. However, this process is not a simple one, involving multiple steps, and as such, it can be expensive, especially when compared to other techniques. In Maryland, the cost of one IVF cycle can range from $11,000 to $17,000, although this may not account for all expenses, nor the need for multiple IVF cycles.

Most aspiring parents are surprised to learn that there’s a high probability they’ll have to undergo multiple IVF cycles before successfully having a child. As per the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, only 26% of fertility patients achieve success on their first attempt. For female patients over the age of 35, the success rates are much lower on the first attempt of IVF. 

This can throw patients for a loop, as their financial planning didn’t account for multiple rounds. In addition, with every IVF cycle, you may be responsible for other expenses, including preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and fertility medications. 

At Bundl, we understand the struggles you may go through when financing one IVF cycle, only to learn you’ll have to pay for additional rounds. To help remove the uncertainty of budgeting for IVF costs, we’ve developed special packages offering multiple cycles at one lower price. As an added incentive, our discounted plans come with shared-risk protection, enabling you to protect your investment.

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Are IVF and Other Fertility Treatments Covered by Insurance in Maryland?

Maryland is one of the few states that have coverage for fertility care written into their insurance code. As per the state’s laws, insurance policies that provide pregnancy-related benefits must cover the cost of three IVF cycles, but only in specific circumstances. Even in Maryland, insurance coverage for fertility care can be complex to understand; you should not assume that your employer and/or insurance provider will provide partial or full coverage and it’s strongly recommended that you discuss your coverage eligibility directly with your provider. Learn more about IVF and fertility care insurance coverage.

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What Are My Financial Options for Fertility Treatment in Maryland?

When it comes to financing IVF and fertility care in Maryland, there are several options to help make your fertility journey more affordable. Some of the most common financing methods include:

  • Personal savings
  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Grants
  • Crowdfunding and fundraising
  • Retirement funds
  • Home equity

For a full breakdown of these options, check out Bundl’s Fertility Financing Guidebook.

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Bundl is making fertility affordable.

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Multi-Cycle IVF & Refund Plans in Maryland

Bundl’s mission is to provide relief from financial stress so that you can focus on what matters most – your family-building journey. We make IVF and fertility care more affordable by bundling multiple treatment cycles into one package for a reduced cost:

  • The 1+1 Package: Bundl’s 1+1 Package combines one IUI cycle and one IVF cycle. It’s a great option for patients who want an easy, affordable way to transition to IVF in the event of an unsuccessful IUI cycle.
  • The 2-Retrieval and 3-Retrieval Packages: Bundl’s 2-Retrieval and 3-Retrieval Packages combine multiple cycles of IVF into one reduced cost, upfront payment. This is a great option for couples who are likely to need more than one cycle of IVF.
  • Bundl with MedicationsSM: The Bundl with MedicationsSM Package is a new partnership with InspireRx™that allows aspiring parents to consolidate treatment and medication costs into one plan. 

Bundl’s fertility treatment packages come with shared risk protection plans to provide you with even greater peace of mind. Learn more about our industry-first IVF risk protection and refund programs Success Guard† and Bundl Guard‡.

Fertility Financing FAQ

How much does IUI really cost in Maryland? + -

In many cases, intrauterine insemination (IUI), also called artificial insemination, is the first treatment attempted by aspiring parents. A simpler process compared to IVF, it also has much lower costs. In Maryland, a single IUI cycle ranges, on average, from $200 to $1,000, although when fertility medications are incorporated, you may have to pay as much as $500 to $4,000 per cycle. It’s important to realize that IUI success rates are dramatically lower than IVF, with many IUI patients eventually undergoing IVF.

Is IVF covered by insurance in Maryland? + -

Maryland is one of the few states obligating insurance providers to provide coverage of fertility care services, including IVF. However, potential patients should be aware that in some cases, costs may only be partially covered. Contact your insurance provider directly to confirm your coverage.

Is there affordable IVF in Maryland? + -

While IVF costs more than other fertility treatments, there are different methods available to make it more affordable. With patients’ financial wellness in mind, Bundl helps to reduce costs by providing multi-cycle IVF packages, grouping multiple cycles into one discounted package.

How do I finance IVF in Maryland? + -

Many aspiring parents may first consider using their savings to pay for fertility treatment. This is only one option, though, as you may prefer to finance your IVF treatment expenses with such measures as loans, grants, credit cards, home equity, and social fundraising.

What if IVF is unsuccessful? + -

At Bundl, we firmly believe that you should not have to pay for fertility care if the outcomes are unsuccessful. For this reason, Bundl offers patients a unique feature, Bundl Guard‡, with our 2-Retrieval and 3-Retrieval IVF Packages. With Bundl Guard‡, should you experience failure with IVF treatments, you’ll be refunded 100% of your principal investment.

Find Affordable IVF and Fertility Care in Maryland

With Bundl, finding affordable IVF and fertility care in Maryland has never been easier. Schedule an appointment today with one of our patient care experts to learn more about how Bundl can help you finance your fertility journey.

† Subject to additional terms and conditions. 

‡ Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.

“Bundl made it simple. I felt so much more comfortable after reviewing my fertility options.”

“Bundl made it simple. I felt so much more comfortable after reviewing my fertility options.”