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Cost of fertility treatment

Financial Options for Fertility in California

Learn About Fertility Financing, Multi-Cycle IVF Plans, and Refund Programs in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Throughout California

Through our relationships with local California fertility clinics, Bundl create an affordable path forward for aspiring parents across the state who want to grow their families through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Bundl offers fertility patients clear financing solutions, flexible fees, and multi-cycle plans, allowing patients to focus on growing their families, instead of how they’ll pay for expensive treatment. 

What Is the Real Cost of IVF in California?

IVF is considered to be the go-to fertility treatment service due to its notable success rates. However, it is a complex procedure, which makes it expensive. In California, the price for IVF often falls somewhere between $11,000 to $17,000. Plus, this range may not fully reflect what a single cycle of IVF may cost in total. 


It may come as a surprise to learn that many fertility patients will need to undergo more than one IVF cycle to achieve a successful pregnancy and delivery. The most recent data from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) notes that only 26% of fertility patients complete a successful IVF journey within a single cycle. Success rates continue to decline even more for women over the age of 35. On average, most fertility patients will need around two to three IVF cycles before having a successful conception that leads to a live birth. Unfortunately, many patients don’t plan for this when creating their fertility care plan and budget.


This is where Bundl can help. Bundl’s multi-cycle financial packages help relieve this stress and unpredictability. We combine multiple treatment cycles into one package at a discount, making the process of affording IVF costs more straightforward. There are even flexible add-on options available to help you navigate some unexpected expenses. Plus, our plans offer an added level of financial peace of mind with shared-risk protection, which helps to protect your family-building investment.

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Are IVF and Other Fertility Treatments Covered by Insurance in California?

California state law stipulates that group insurers offer coverage for fertility treatment, except for IVF. However, employers still have the option of including IVF coverage as part of their benefits package. It’s up to every patient to communicate with their provider and/or employer directly to determine what their IVF and fertility care insurance coverage is.

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What Are My Financial Options for Fertility Treatment in California?

In California, there are many ways that patients may approach financing IVF and fertility care, including:

  • Grants
  • Personal savings
  • Home equity 
  • Retirement funds
  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Crowdfunding and fundraising

For a full explanation of these options, check out Bundl’s Fertility Financing Guidebook.

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Bundl is making fertility affordable.

Wherever you are in your jouney, Bundl has resources to help.

Multi-Cycle IVF & Refund Plans in California

At Bundl, we are dedicated to relieving the financial burden that often accompanies fertility care. Your family-building journey should remain focused on what matters most to you – having a child. IVF, IUI, and other fertility services are made more affordable by Bundl because we package multiple treatment cycles into one reduced cost. This is how our packages work:


  • The 1+1 Package: Bundl’s 1+1 Package combines one IUI cycle and one IVF cycle. This is an excellent option for those starting with IUI, but are aware that they will possibly need to transition to IVF. 
  • The 2-Retrieval and 3-Retrieval Packages: Bundl’s 2-Retrieval and 3-Retrieval Packages combine multiple cycles of IVF into one reduced cost, upfront payment. This is normally the best option for those who anticipate that multiple IVF cycles will be needed. 


One of the most valuable features of Bundl’s fertility treatment packages is that they come with shared-risk protection plans. Learn more about our industry-first IVF risk protection and refund programs Success Guard† and Bundl Guard‡.

Fertility Financing FAQ

How much does IUI really cost in California? + -

Because IUI is less advanced than IVF in terms of a treatment process, its overall costs are substantially lower. It is also a common first step that many patients attempt when trying to conceive. In California, on average, IUI can cost between $200 and $1,000 for one cycle. However, when including the costs associated with fertility medications, which are often necessary, the price range can increase to $500 - $4,000 for one IUI cycle. Patients should also be aware that IUI success rates are much lower than those of IVF, so even with multiple cycles many patients still end up needing to use IVF.

Is IVF covered by insurance? + -

Insurance coverage for IVF can sometimes be difficult to understand. Although California insurers are not required to offer IVF coverage, some plans may still have some level of insurance. To understand your options, you need to confirm directly with your insurance provider.

Is there affordable IVF? + -

One of the financial stressors of IVF treatment is that it can be both financially unpredictable and generally expensive. However, patients do have some options available to help make IVF affordable, including multi-cycle packages like those offered by Bundl. These packages bundle multiple cycles together into one plan that is provided at a discounted rate. 

How do I finance IVF? + -

Further options to pay for IVF care include turning to grants, loans, using credit cards, fundraising efforts, home equity, and personal savings.

What if IVF is unsuccessful? + -

There are several factors that can result in an unsuccessful IVF cycle, which is why we at Bundl so strongly believe that patients should only have to pay for care that is successful. That’s why we offer Bundl Guard‡ for our 2-Retrieval and 3-Retrieval IVF Packages. Bundl Guard‡ refunds 100% of your principal investment if your IVF treatments are unsuccessful.

Find Affordable IVF and Fertility Care in California

Finding affordable fertility care, including IVF treatment in California is made possible with Bundl. Schedule an appointment today with one of our patient care experts to learn more about how Bundl can help you finance your fertility journey. † Subject to additional terms and conditions. ‡ Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.

“Bundl made it simple. I felt so much more comfortable after reviewing my fertility options.”

“Bundl made it simple. I felt so much more comfortable after reviewing my fertility options.”