Financing IVF: Understanding Your Options and Making the Best Choice

Embarking on the path of fertility care signifies a significant step forward in your quest for parenthood. However, the road ahead can be accompanied by daunting expenses, including testing, medications, and more. Wherever you are in your family-building journey, it’s essential to address all financial considerations early on. Even with comprehensive health insurance coverage, the […]

National Infertility Awareness Week and a New Offering from Bundl Fertility

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) was founded to draw attention to the infertility experience. NIAW is also a chance to spread a message of strength, unity, and support to those who feel alone in their fertility journey.  The experience of infertility has a far-reaching impact on all aspects of a person’s life, especially when undergoing […]

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Endometriosis?

Endometriosis can make it difficult to get pregnant. The World Health Association (WHO) reports that endometriosis affects nearly 10% (190 million) of reproductive-aged people worldwide. Take this quiz to learn what you know about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of endometriosis. Question #1. What is endometriosis? A condition involving cells that make up the lining […]

IUI vs. IVF: Which Is Right for Me?

Congratulations on deciding to undergo fertility treatment! You’ve made a wise choice, as these techniques have been found to be safe, simple, and effective. With the help of your reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor), you will soon decide which form of fertility care is best for you and your unique case. Two of the most popular […]

Three Resources for Funding IVF

When first exploring in vitro fertilization (IVF), some of the first questions that aspiring parents have are about costs and whether or not their insurance will provide any coverage. Here’s what to consider when exploring your insurance coverage for IVF. Understanding IVF Costs IVF is one of the most popular, effective forms of fertility care […]

Navigating Infertility During the Holiday Season

As the year’s drawing to a close, the decorations are up, and people are gathering and exchanging gifts. But if you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in conceiving, you may not be in such a celebratory mood. Many people going through fertility care can have mixed feelings about the holidays. Remember, though, this is […]

What Are Multi-Cycle IVF Plans and Are They Right For Me?

Choosing to undergo fertility treatment to get pregnant is a big step. Once you’ve decided to go this route, there will be some important decisions to make. First, your reproductive endocrinologist, or fertility doctor will expertly guide you on the best course of treatment. Secondly, because fertility care often incurs a significant monetary investment, you’ll […]

How to Understand Insurance for Fertility Care

Young couple learning about fertility insurance coverage

One of the first questions anyone new to the world of fertility care will ask is whether or not the treatment they need to build their family will be covered by insurance. Insurance coverage for fertility treatment is complex, with no firm answer that can be given across the board. Your level of coverage will […]

How Shared Risk IVF Makes Fertility Care Affordable

couple discussing shared risk IVF with consultant

Thanks to in vitro fertilization (IVF), countless individuals and couples across the world have more access to family-building opportunities than ever before. However, IVF and other forms of fertility care typically come with a high price tag. Many patients feel overwhelmed when first finding out the significant financial investment that fertility treatments require. When it […]

Three Questions to Ask Yourself About Affordable Fertility Treatment

One of the top priorities of individuals and couples seeking to grow their families through assisted reproductive technology is managing the costs of fertility care. Affordable fertility treatment is possible, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Remember, everyone’s financial situation is different, so it’s important for patients to consider their expectations […]