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How does Bundl make IVF more affordable?

Bundl is committed to providing affordable IVF treatment in Texas through combining multiple treatment cycles together for a single, reduced cost. At Bundl, we take the stress out of fertility financing through our industry-first risk protected packages. With our packages, we offer full or partial refunds if your treatments are unsuccessful. We lessen your financial burden, so you can focus on creating your family.

What Are My Fertility Financing Options in Texas?

We work with Texas fertility patients seeking financing every day. While some are fortunate enough to have enough personal savings to cover their fertility costs, it’s just not true for all. And Bundl is here to help you explore your fertility financing options in Texas. Some financing methods include:
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Credit cards
  • Social fundraising
  • Retirement funds
  • Home equity
Bundl makes fertility financing simple through multiple, flexible packages. With one upfront cost, our packages reduce the overall cost of fertility treatments. If you wish to take out a loan for your fertility treatment, we partner with StrivePay as our premier lender. With options tailored to Bundl clients and very competitive rates, StrivePay is a top choice for many of our patients in Texas. If you’re in Texas, give us a call—we’d love to discuss which fertility financing method is right for you.
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