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Why Bundl Was Created

For the Bundl team, infertility is a personal issue. Each dedicated, compassionate founding member behind Bundl has directly experienced infertility, and the challenges and surprises (both good and bad) they’ve faced along the way are what lead to the creation of the company. Their goal was to offer others facing infertility some of the critical services they wished they’d had access to, early in their own decision-making process: a supportive, understanding and informed team hopeful patients can rely on; a program that reduces fertility treatment costs for couples and individuals; simple financial protection plans; and, above all, a range of financial options to help lower the daunting costs of fertility treatments. 

Bundl  founders understand that every path to parenthood not only looks different, but feels different and brings varying challenges and joys, too. With this in mind, they’ve come together to offer financial flexibility to suit a wide range of patient needs, hopes and dreams, and to serve others with options, including financial packages with custom add-ons, egg donor-sourcing options, and maybe most reassuringly, guaranteed risk-protection plans. In a world and a delicate process where almost nothing can be guaranteed, Bundl’s Success Guard™ and Bundl Guard™ financial plans promise to protect patients’ precious investment by offering full or partial refunds, to minimize the financial burden for patients, and allow them to focus more on building what matters most—family—not stress levels. 

Bundl founders know from personal experience that fertility journeys may shift direction, and evolve. More than 70 percent of fertility patients require more than one treatment cycle before they are successful, and for many, this cost is prohibitive. So the Bundl team set out to change that—and they have, with the financial flexibility, options, and security they offer, for individuals and couples facing infertility and an uncertain road ahead.

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