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What Patients Should Know About the Real Costs of IUI

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is one of the most common forms of fertility treatment. It is often used as a first-step treatment for couples who are facing male or female fertility issues. It is also used to assist same-sex female couples and single women who are using donor sperm to build their families. 

During IUI, sperm is directly implanted into the female patient’s uterus by a doctor using a catheter. Because it’s a less invasive procedure, IUI is more affordable than in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, just because it costs less than IVF does not mean that its fees are easily met. 

How much does IUI cost?

The total cost for IUI can vary widely depending on several factors, usually falling somewhere between $200 – $2,500. Some of these factors include:

  • Whether or not your insurance provider covers IUI treatment
  • The amount of blood work needed for your specific case
  • Whether or not fertility medications will be used in preparation for the procedure

Another thing to consider that many patients don’t realize is that IUI often requires more than one round of treatment. IUI success rates for the first cycle are lower than that of IVF, so patients are normally encouraged to consider the likelihood of multiple rounds. In some cases, patients may have to move on from IUI to IVF anyway. This is why doctors are very specific when deciding whether or not IUI will be a viable treatment option.

Does insurance cover IUI?

Because insurance coverage for fertility services varies so much, it’s very difficult to offer a clear and concise answer. For one thing, insurance coverage laws vary from state. Some states have specific laws and stipulations about fertility care coverage, but most do not. Another factor that determines your degree of coverage is whether or not you have private insurance, as private plans can have specific rules regarding fertility care. Lastly, because some insurance providers consider IUI and other forms of fertility care to be medically unnecessary, coverage can be minimal or non-existent. The best way to figure out your specific coverage is to connect with your insurance provider directly and ask them if cover IUI or other fertility care services.

How can I make IUI affordable?

While IUI is considered to be a more affordable treatment option, in theory, the reality is that fees can still add up. When thinking about affording IUI, patients should consider the possibility of needing multiple cycles or having to transition to IVF eventually, all of which can have a significant impact on your final cost for fertility care. 

This is where Bundl comes in and helps simplify what could have been an increasingly stressful situation. We offer a package specifically designed for those seeking IUI care called the Bundl 1 + 1 Package. The package includes one round of IUI as well as one IVF retrieval, which helps to reduce the financial risk for anyone who must switch to IVF if IUI is unsuccessful. The package also includes the Success Guard™ Risk Protection, which means that, if your IUI cycle is a success, then 100% of your IVF investment will be returned back to you (subject to additional terms and conditions). 

Figuring out how to pay for fertility care, including IUI, should not be a pain point for you as you focus on your family-building goals. Bundl provides you with security so that you can invest safely in your fertility treatment and focus on what’s most important – your growing family. For any questions or to get started, please contact Bundl Fertility today.

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