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Undergoing fertility care is inherently complex for multiple reasons. There’s the medical aspect, which includes appointments, medications, testing, procedures, and more, all of which can be time-intensive and/or overwhelming. On top of all that, there’s also the financial side of fertility care, which can take those who are new to the fertility community aback. For example, one round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) can cost between $12,000 – $15,000, and this figure doesn’t include other aspects of treatment, such as medications or genetic testing.

Learning the total cost of what it will take to grow your family can be a bruising experience, with many couples asking themselves, how will we be able to afford this? Figuring out how to pay for fertility care can be stressful, but there are ways to make it a little easier, namely through fertility financing.

Fertility Financing Explained: IVF, IUI, and More

There are a few different financing methods that allow for a more manageable experience as a fertility patient. Depending on your recommended treatment plan, your financial situation, and what your fertility clinic offers, the following financing techniques can be significantly helpful:

Fertility Loans

Loans for IVF and other fertility treatments are relatively common. These can be provided via fertility financing companies or come from a traditional personal loan.

The terms are normally in the form of a lump sum, so they can be used for a single IVF or IUI cycle. One advantage of taking out loans for fertility treatments is that patients can shop around for favorable interest rates and potentially work with a company they already trust or have used previously.

However, loans also come with some disadvantages. For example, if a patient requires additional treatments, such as another round of IVF, then additional loans may be required, leaving the patient with multiple loans. Loans can also negatively impact your credit in the long-term if not paid on the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Fertility Grants

Grants for IVF or other fertility treatments can be provided by a fertility clinic or an organization that supports fertility patients. They can be applied to a specific treatment or clinic in the form of a free or discounted treatment. An advantage to having a grant is that it can potentially cover a significant, if not entire, portion of your treatment costs.

The main disadvantage with grants is that they are not easy to come by. You must apply and receive a grant, which normally means you have to meet very specific criteria. For example, some grants are only given to veterans/active members of the military. Other grants may only be given to LGBTQ+ couples. Lastly, grants typically have an application fee and process that must be adhered to.

Fertility Packages

IVF packages offer several advantages to patients because they account for risk (i.e. unsuccessful treatment) in a way that loans and grants typically don’t, which means better savings and peace of mind for the patient. These plans can be offered through your clinic or companies, such as Bundl.

One of the main advantages of IVF packages is that they simplify the complexity surrounding fertility costs. You’ll know exactly what is included in your package of choice, and what should happen if initial treatment is not successful.

To make the entire process easier, companies like Bundl that offer fertility packages often partner with companies to offer payment plans For example, StrivePay’s payment plans give patients breathing room to work through their treatment plan without unrealistic payment deadlines looming or interest rates that balloon over time.

Ultimately, how you choose to pay for IVF and other fertility treatments is a personal decision, but it doesn’t have to be a heavy burden. There are options to consider and ways to make paying for one or multiple rounds of care much easier, and smarter. Please contact Bundl today to discuss how to approach paying for fertility treatment in one of the most simple and stress-free methods available.