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How Shared Risk IVF Makes Fertility Care Affordable

couple discussing shared risk IVF with consultant

Thanks to in vitro fertilization (IVF), countless individuals and couples across the world have more access to family-building opportunities than ever before. However, IVF and other forms of fertility care typically come with a high price tag. Many patients feel overwhelmed when first finding out the significant financial investment that fertility treatments require. When it comes to paying for IVF and fertility care, there are many ways that patients can approach their financial plan. One of these options is finding an IVF package that includes a shared-risk guarantee plan. 

How Shared Risk IVF Guarantee Plans Work

A shared risk IVF plan is a financial option that is designed to provide patients with greater peace of mind when undergoing IVF. In shared-risk IVF, patients can potentially receive a partial or full refund of their IVF investment in the event that they are unsuccessful. This typically involves paying a flat rate upfront for multiple IVF cycles, often for a discounted price. Shared-risk IVF options are sometimes offered directly through clinics, but are also available through financial agencies. The idea here is that the clinic or financial agency is sharing the financial risk because, if you do not have a successful IVF cycle, then you will receive a percentage or all of your money back. 

Shared Risk IVF Guarantee with Bundl

At Bundl, we designed our fertility care packages with patient peace of mind and financial relief as our focus. Our core concept revolves around bundling multiple treatment cycles into one package, which helps to reduce the overall cost of fertility treatment. For patients who require multiple rounds of IVF, this is a great cost-saving option. We also offer a combo option for patients who are pursuing intrauterine insemination (IUI) but may need to turn to IVF later on. 


All of our options come with shared risk IVF guarantees that help to protect your financial health. For our multi-cycle IVF packages, we offer the industry-first Bundl Guard™, which stipulates that you will receive your principal investment back in the event that you are not successful. Our 1+1 IUI-IVF package comes with a similar guarantee called Success Guard™, which will refund your IVF costs if you successfully conceive through IUI.  


In addition to bundling treatments into affordable packages and providing peace of mind through shared risk IVF, Bundl also offers flexible add-on options to help patients navigate additional expenses that may come up during their fertility care journey, such as genetic testing and using an egg donor. We also partner with One American Bank to provide a competitive IVF loan option that patients can use to help pay for said packages. 


Ultimately, it is important for fertility patients to know that while financing treatments like IVF can be overwhelming, there are options available to decrease the pressure you may feel. IVF packages with shared risk protection tailored to your journey make it possible for you to focus on what matters most: growing your family. 

Are you ready to get started with Bundl? Contact our staff today to learn about how we make IVF affordable.

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