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Exploring IVF Packages: Finding the Best Value for Your Money

At Bundl, we understand the challenges that many individuals face when going through multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The financial burden it places on the family-building journey can be overwhelming. We aim to safeguard the investments of aspiring families, providing them with peace of mind throughout their IVF journey.

With our bundled packages, you can have multiple IVF cycles at one upfront cost, helping to alleviate some financial pressure. Not only does this offer savings, but it also comes with the added benefit of guaranteed risk protection. 

Why Multiple IVF Cycles Are Needed

IVF can be expensive, as a complete cycle involves different medical treatments, surgical procedures, and such services as testing, fertility medications, donor materials, and cryopreservation. However, this is just for one IVF cycle, which, on average, costs between $12,000 and $15,000. More than 70% of people seeking fertility treatments need multiple embryo transfers. Multiple cycles, including egg retrieval, may cost between $24,000 and $45,000, or more. IVF may also not be covered by health insurance plans.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Multi-Cycle IVF Plan

If you purchase a multi-cycle IVF plan, you’re provided with two or three treatment cycles. While not guaranteed, your chances for a successful embryo transfer increase. A multi-cycle IVF package not only saves you money, but even if all cycles are unsuccessful, 100% of your principal investment will be returned.  

Explore Our Fertility Treatment Packages

At our core, we believe in tailoring treatment plans to match the uniqueness of each individual and family we serve. That’s why we offer fully customizable packages at a significantly discounted rate.

Depending on your location, your package options may include:

1+1 Package

  • 1 IUI + 1 retrieval
  • All frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
  • 36-month contract
  • Success Guard™ risk protection 

Learn more about our 1+1 Package

2-Retrieval Package:

  • 2 Retrievals
  • All frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
  • 36-month contract
  • Bundl Guard option‡

Learn more about our 2-Retrieval Package

3-Retrieval Package:

  • 3 Retrievals
  • All frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
  • 36-month contract
  • Bundl Guard option‡

Learn more about our 3-Retrieval Package

† Subject to additional terms and conditions.

‡ Subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions.

You may also consider our package add-ons, providing you with special MyEggBank prices, discounted genetic testing, or both, with any package.

Increase Your Fertility Success With a Multi-Cycle IVF Plan

While IVF may require numerous cycles, increasing your costs, purchasing a multi-cycle IVF plan boosts your chances of success. If you’d like to discuss financing options, or you have IVF questions, we invite you to connect with a Bundl expert today.

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