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Creative Strategies for Paying for Fertility Treatments

The decision to undergo fertility treatment often involves significant financial considerations, many of which are not planned for before beginning your fertility care journey. Fortunately, short-term budgeting, savings, and a little creative planning can help significantly ease the financial burden and make your fertility care journey smoother. Here are some practical tips aimed at helping you get started.

Meet with Your Fertility Clinic Financial Counselor

After you meet with your fertility doctor, you will have a better understanding of your treatment plan. Typically, the next step is to meet with an internal financial counselor to talk about your current financial resources and what additional assistance you may need. In a best-case scenario, you may get pregnant the first time, however, for many people, fertility treatments may take several attempts. Be sure to ask if your clinic offers a multi-cycle program like Bundl

Strategies for Short-Term Budgeting and Savings

Beyond traditional savings, there are alternative routes to consider that can alleviate the financial pressure of fertility treatments, including: 

  • Insurance: Be sure that you understand your insurance benefits so that you don’t miss out on savings benefits that you already have in place
  • Help From Family: Reach out to family for support, if viable
  • Grants: Investigate potential grants, such as those offered by Baby Quest, which can offer financial relief
  • Future Family Loans: Explore financial assistance options from organizations like Future Family
  • Multi-Cycle Programs: Investigate multi-cycle fertility treatment programs, like Bundl, which bundle multiple cycles at a reduced cost, accompanied by shared-risk IVF protection and guarantee programs

Planning, being informed about costs, and setting a clear budget can be immensely helpful in navigating the financial aspect of fertility care while minimizing stress. Additionally, aspiring parents can consider a wide range of other strategies, such as fertility financing, loans, crowdfunding, and multi-cycle fertility treatment plans. To learn more about the financial aspects of fertility care or how Bundl can help you navigate your journey while focusing on what’s most important, we invite you to consult with one of our patient care experts today.

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