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3 Relationship Tips For Those Struggling with Infertility

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It’s no surprise that infertility takes a toll on relationships, not only the relationship with your partner (if you have one) but the relationship you have with friends and family. As much as you love them, there are times that you won’t want to share all points of your fertility journey and you certainly don’t always want to hear their advice — especially when it’s unsolicited!

Here are a few ways to keep your relationships in balance when times are tough during fertility treatments and infertility

1) Check in With Your Partner

Infertility can be incredibly stressful on romantic relationships. After all, neither of you really planned this struggle when you got married or partnered and talked about your future.

Whenever possible, and not just after you hear bad news or have setbacks, ask your partner how he or she is doing and let them know you care. Know that your partner is likely struggling, too, even if he or she isn’t vocal about it.

2) Tell Your Friends of Family Why You May Skip Certain Occasions

It’s normal to occasionally want to miss a birthday party or a baby shower when you’re experiencing infertility. A good friend or close family member should understand that you care about them and want to celebrate, but the event they’re hosting is too triggering right now. No need to explain this to friends or family who aren’t close to you. If you pass on the invitation, it’s okay to make up a reason why knowing you are practicing self-care.

3) Find at Least 1 Trusted Family Member or Friend to Confide In

You don’t have to go through a tough experience alone! It’s essential to find a person(s) in your circle who you can share the good, the bad and the uncomfortable moments with– a person who won’t judge you or share unhelpful advice like ‘Just relax!’

Once you identify those folks, you can let them know how much you appreciate them as a support.

While it’s normal to feel like your relationships are affected by tough chapters, it’s important to set boundaries, communicate clearly and practice self-care so you’re feeling more stressed during an already stressful experience.

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