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Top Support Systems to Have in Place While Navigating IVF

IVF treatment demands a lot – a lot of patience, a lot of courage, a lot of hope and resilience and physical endurance. There’s the waiting and the uncertainty, and there are countless emotional and physical ups and downs that the treatment puts the body through. But having the right support systems in place as you launch into this exciting, unparalleled adventure can make all the difference in how you feel and how you get through it all. While any support system has enormous value, the ones that will serve you best through IVF are those that bring comfort and care to your body, mind and soul like.

  1. Emotional support: Whether you rely on family members, good friends, neighbors, a therapist, a clergy member or other religious or spiritual guide, or a close community group to uplift you when you’re challenged, it’s important to have someone to lean on during the process—day or night. Someone you can call if you’re feeling scare or down; someone who can make you laugh when you’re having a hard day or week or even month. Someone you can spill your heart out to, if that’s what you feel like doing, no matter what’s on your mind.
  2. Financial support: It’s no secret that most fertility treatments come with a steep, even staggering price tag. To help balance and manage the stress and strain of this on your wallet, it’s essential to have a support in place through a partner like Bundl, which was founded to make fertility treatments more accessible by offering financial packages within reach. Also, be sure to check with your employer for fertility benefits or coverage that may be available.
  3. Back- and foot-rub masters: It’s also helpful to have support in tending to the physical challenges of IVF treatment—someone who can rub your back, or feet, or tense shoulders when you’re feeling bloated or exhausted. Thankfully, there are countless acupuncturists and massage therapists who can be hired for this!
  4. Personal chefs and butlers: It’s also really sweet to have someone on call to tend to your other IVF-related bodily needs—a person who can deliver you favorite comfort food, hot tea or pints of your favorite ice cream—depending on what you’re craving—or ice chips if you’re nauseous as hell.
  5. Cheerleaders and nurses: Last but certainly not least, in addition to physical comfort, pampering, and sustenance, ideally there’s a cheerleader or partner in your life to walk beside you through some or all of the treatment—to hold your hand during a few appointments and blood tests, help administer injections, and stroll with you daily for some fresh air, fresh perspective, and exercise, as you wind your way down your personal IVF path. While many IVF patients do go through much of all this alone, by choice, it’s definitely helpful, if you can line it up, to have extra support through this challenging time.
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