Why Bundl Was Created

For the Bundl team, infertility is a personal issue. Each dedicated, compassionate founding member behind Bundl has directly experienced infertility, and the challenges and surprises (both good and bad) they’ve faced along the way are what lead to the creation of the company. Their goal was to offer others facing infertility some of the critical […]

Easy Ways to Support Your Body Through IVF

If you’re planning to start IVF soon, don’t wait until the treatment actually begins to start prepping and supporting your body for the big changes ahead. As you probably already know, IVF is no emotional or physical vacation. You’ll be making demands on your body that are far beyond an ordinary day, or even a […]

Top Support Systems to Have in Place While Navigating IVF

IVF treatment demands a lot – a lot of patience, a lot of courage, a lot of hope and resilience and physical endurance. There’s the waiting and the uncertainty, and there are countless emotional and physical ups and downs that the treatment puts the body through. But having the right support systems in place as […]

Meet Carrie, our Manager of Patient Experience

You would think that after 16 years of telling my story so many times, I would have it memorized, but truth is I do not.  I am certain that my subconscious has pushed so many of those memories away in order to somehow convince myself that I am okay, and past it all.  One of […]

Secondary Infertility – Cheryl’s Story

“Secondary Infertility”, is what my doctor said.  To me that was just a contradiction.  Infertility was something that was revealed the very first time you were trying to get pregnant. I had a healthy toddler that I had no trouble conceiving or carrying to term. Turns out, like so many women, I had been believing one […]